SPR and Company
Now I’m picturing one of those terrible porn scenes where the two guys each try to pretend the other isn’t there lest they catch the gay despite the presence of the lady.



"NO! Wait, which one of us has the gay now? You touched me, so does that mean I had the gay all along?"

SO, ARE YOU TWO STRAIGHT NOW, if past experience is any indication. *sigh*

And Aulis and Kaidan just stare at them.

Of course, since it’s Aulis/Kaidan/Tali, the boys are definitely two straight guys with a straight girl.

To which Aulis swears loudly in Finnish, Kaidan faceplams and Tali just glares.

I call it pretty damn awesome, actually. :D

Heck yeah!

14 years old: I'm young but I know what I want. This isn't that hard, I'm all grown up already and have everything figured out.
17 years old: Well, this is a little harder than I thought. School is almost ending. What am I going to do with my life?
21 years old: What the fuck is going on? Where are my socks?

I’m getting old because this damn kitten has tired me out.

Stop trying to eat my cables, damnit!


Step 1. Imagine your favourite character.
Step 2. Now imagine them in a crop top and tight jeans and lipstick
Step 3. you’re welcome

Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

UK doesn't have Coyotes, but it DOES have a large number of birds of prey. My sister, who lives in Oxfordshire, has been advised not to let her cat out on its own until it's large enough that a Red Kite can't carry it off.

That is true, but it’s like a shark attack; the cat is more likely to meet its end in a fight with a car rather than by talon.

That said, Red Kites are considerable, and caution is advised. Like a buzzard on steroids.

Dividing by zero?

Quite possibly.


I don’t think you understand how much I hated choosing between Ash and Kaiden on Virmire.

Ashley and I were poetry nerds together. Talking Tennyson and tactics whenever.

Kaiden was always a clear head when the galaxy flipped itself. He knew how to put things in perspective.

A perfect world would have Shepard, Ash, and Kaiden saving the universe side by side to the very end. Instead one of them is left behind on Virmire; pieces of my heart with them.