SPR and Company

9 am start and I decide to have the shittiest sleep on record.

Go well this will not.


Making decisions in Bioware games like


TMI Tuesday.


Because we all love inappropriate questions about our OCs.

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if your boyfriend is your best friend, you’re doing it right.

if your boyfriend is your only friend, you’re doing it wrong.


You mean the Markiplier pole-dancing one? Yeah, I noticed not long after you posted it. Less exasperation than you'd expect, actually. Also, more thinking "I'd probably never be able to do that, even if I wanted to. Silly puny arms of mine," and "hey, aren't those the Game Grumps in the background of the later set?" :)

I dunno, your lower half is pretty strong, and I’m more than sure you’d build up body strength if you ever wanted to do that.

And yeah, that’s them. Mark’s got a video up of it; I didn’t actually watch it, ‘cos I had to pop out and go to uni, you know, like a student.

Also you do not have puny arms! My arms are the definition of ‘noodle arms’ I’ll have you know! Your arms are lovely. <3

Three days until Beyond Earth comes out!


Kaidan Alenko - You Make Me Feel Human

I can’t wait until the bf notices that post on my blog.

There’s going to be arm-folding and exasperated tutting noises.


i always get all fluffy inside when i think about post-war shenko because without living in fear that the other might die in the near future, spontaneous expressions of love and affection get so much easier.

kaidan ending every call with “i love you” because now he can say it wihout the lingering anxiety that this time might be the last.

shepard constantly poking fun at him because now she can laugh without being overwhelmed by guilt for all the silenced children whose laughter died out the moment the reapers arrived.

occasional naps on the couch, arms and legs tangled together as he presses soft kisses to her forhead without the echoing of gunfire in the back of his mind.

basically i just have a lot of fluffy headcanons and it hurts me